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How To Eliminate Guitar Playing

Problems Fast

When it comes to practicing the guitar most guitarists go about targeting their problems all wrong. Guitarists usually deal with their guitar playing problems by either ignoring them or using extremely inefficient methods of practice. Luckily eliminating your guitar playing problems is easier than you think. There is a three step process that will allow you to be able to overcome your guitar playing challenges quickly. Follow these steps to liberate yourself from your guitar playing frustrations.

1. Identify your problem

2. Isolate the problem

3. Attack the problem

1. Identify your problem. The first step to getting rid of your guitar playing problem is to know what they are. One way to identify your problems is to play what your working on once or twice through and write down everything that is keeping you from playing it perfectly. It could be that your notes aren't ringing out, switching between chords is slow, your chords aren't ringing out properly etc. Write every single problem you have down and this will give you a game plan to eliminate them.

2. Isolate the problem. What most guitarist do when practicing is just start playing what their working on from start to finish over and over. This is a horrible way to practice in two ways. For one you may have multiple problems within what you are trying to play. If you are trying to tackle all these problems at once they will take a long time to eliminate, if at all. The second problem with this way of practice is it wastes time. You spend a lot of your time playing things you already have down and not very much time playing what you need to work on. You should only be practicing the problem and nothing else. Every second of your practice time is crucial, don’t waste a second.

3. Attack the problem. Now that you have identified the problem and isolated it, you must ATTACK! This is the time to get rid of these problems fast. Start by working on each hand separately. If you are having trouble switching between a chord, start switching from chord to chord 10x without strumming. Then mute the strings with your fretting hand and see if you can play the strumming pattern 5x in a row without messing up. If you are working through a lick, slowly play the problem over and over and gradually speed it up. Whatever your problem is identify, isolate and attack. Follow these steps and become a better guitarist faster!

About Author: Dylan Andrews is a professional guitarist, teacher, and entrepreneur living in Lawrenceville Georgia. Dylan has been teaching guitar for over 5 years and has helped over 100 people learn the guitar. If your looking for guitar lessons in Lawrenceville Dylan is the person you want to see.